Investment Management

Managing the complexities of significant wealth often calls for highly personalized programs based on the unique needs and requests of clients.  A broad list of traditional family office services are available in conjunction with Gries Financial Partners investment management and wealth management functions.

Private Banking

Checking accounts, money transfers, loans, currency-exchange services, letters of credit, and other private banking services

Real Estate

The successful management of a family office investment portfolio requires a carefully guided strategy focused on asset diversification, risk mitigation, experienced, and transparent oversight


Institutional Asset Allocation combines the best Active, Passive, and Alternative Strategies. Your portfolio is crafted by our investment professionals to take advantage of the best opportunities in global financial markets.

Bill Payments and Accounting

We sort, evaluate, and pay any bills you designate, keeping you informed throughout with personalized reporting. We can even arrange for bills to be sent directly to our office, reducing the amount of mail you receive at home. In addition, we itemize your tax deductible expenses and provide this information to your tax advisor.